Hi all,
Welcome to my blog where I write mainly about math, programming, finance, and other stuff i find interesting.
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My blog posts are as follows.

On the internet, most private websites have been eaten by commercialized communities. The internet I grew up with was a very different place. A place that was more free and not as gamified, not as ad-ridden, and not as commercialized as the current internet of fake news, lies, and propaganda. I hate reading gamified click-baity content. Consequently, here is a list of some of the remaining private sites. If you own a private website that may fit into my area of interest, hit me up and I may add you.

  • Mathematische Basteleien contains some mathematical curiosities. This site was one of the many inspirations for me to study math.
  • Ulm Security Sparrows are/were a bunch of computer security enthusiasts at my old university.

Only German

  • c-turbines is the home of a crazy Swiss guy. Each time I visit his website I hope he has not killed himself yet.